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Monday, 10 August 2015

MoboMarket for Android – Full Review

MoboMarket is one of the awesome app store which carries great number of; wallpapers, games, and other apps. It is almost similar to Google play store, but it works independently from it. I know that there would be many users out there who are not aware with this awesome store. Therefore, we have decided to write a detailed review on MoboMarket for Android.

This review is going to make you understand better about this awesome store for your Android phone. I know that Android users always remain in the seek of something new and happening then for such users MoboMarket could be an awesome choice in which they can explore some great stuffs for sure.

MoboMarket for Android

So, here I have listed all the specifications and awesomeness of MoboMarket which you must know so that you can have it for your Android device.
Let me tell you here that this is downloadable market which can be downloaded on any of the Android version and enjoy some of the best apps. MoboMarket carry apps which are not even available on Google Play store which justifies its credibility.
Mobomarket for Android


Before discussing more about it let me highlight the main features of this market in order to build some eagerness in you guys.
  • It is completely free of cost market which can be downloaded in seconds without paying a penny.
  • Brand New well-designed UI with improved user experience.
  • Very fast Initializing speed which was not supported with old version.
  • Hindi and Chinese (Traditional) are now supported in new version.
  • The stability enhancement is introduced in this market.
  • It gives best Android games, wallpapers, videos, H5 games and many more awesome apps.
  • Easily Downloadable apps which requires no registrations or form filling formalities. Just tap on your favorite app and get it for your device.
  • It allow you to share apps, which have been downloaded from MoboMarket, can be shared for free, as they do not impose Traffic fee.
  • It offers you Geo-localized based apps which means it shows you related apps on the basis of your geographical location.
  • The MoboMarket includes innovative search which aids in finding the most accurate results of your searches.
  • It has also a practical management features which can be used to optimize your phone.

Something more about MoboMarket

So above I have listed almost all the awesome features of MoboMarket and here I am putting some extra light on MoboMarket. The apps in MoboMarket has also got description along with them. When you open any app to download then it gives you complete detail and description of that app.
Mobomarket for shot 1Additionally, they have got one of the organized app store as they provide categories and sub-categorize of each app which can help you to easily find any of your favorite apps from these categories. You can be kept updated by these recommendation of some of the new and best apps daily wise. These recommendations can help you to get something unique and awesome for your phone.

How to get MoboMarket for Android

Mobomarket for AndroidI am 100% sure that now you guys want this awesome application store for your Android phone and you must be confused that how you can get it; therefore, I have included a short tutorial here for you guys;
It is quiet simple job to do you only need to go through the below link and get this awesome application store for your Android phone and I am sure you’d love it.

Final Words

So, this was about MoboMarket and I hope you guys would have enjoyed it and will share your views about it in our comment box. If you want to share your experience using Mobomarket with us then lend your suggestions and views below; we’ll welcome your all words.
Furthermore, if you have found this store awesome then don’t forget to share this review with others too so that they can also know about this awesome app store and can start availing from it.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to Make your Content Attractive for Readers [Creative Tips]

Are you heading to make your content attractive? Do you want to increase the readability of your content? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you may follow this article of mine. As today I am going to share some of the unexpected tips which will help you to make your content attractive and will help you to increase your readability.
The content of any site or blog is one of the prime things which is required for the success of it as content is the key aspect that gathers users around it. Every blogger want to make their content attractive and look good so that they can increase the blog readability.

The Content is considered as the king in blogging, but you must mold and present it in unique way. Since, the appearance is going to compel the readers that what actually exists in your content. So, here thing is proved that you need to work on the appearance of your content too which can help you to make it attractive and can get you more readers.
I have shared some of the really creative tips for you guys which you may apply to get the solution of your queries and can start making your content more attractive for your readers.

Make your Content Attractive by using these Tips

So, here are the tips which you are supposed to follow for making your content attractive for your readers. Once you’ve applied these tricks then you’ll definitely record the change in readability and response from your readers.

#1. Provide Unique Content

The most important and basic thing is providing the unique content on your blog. You must not copy anyone’s else articles on your blog as readers are the best judge and then can easily judge the content is copied or not and in that way you’ll lose your credibility.
So, if you want to survive in blogging world and are really interested to provide something attractive for your readers then start with providing something unique. Believe me that once you’ll start sharing unique content on your blog then you’ll see the great respect and response from your readers for sure.

#2. Analyze your Audience

Another most important tip which you must follow is analyzing your audience. I have seen many bloggers who write for themselves, but in blogging you need to write for others. You need to write what your readers want, not you.
And, for that you must analyze your audience and ask them what they want. Now, you must be thinking that “how to ask them?” So, you may use following platform for interacting with your readers and ask them about their interests.
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.)
  • Community Blogs
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Use Your Comment Box

#3. Write on Controversies

When I say controversies that means I am suggesting you to write on something catchy and trendy. You must go with trends and see that what people are liking and what you should share. It really helps. You may go for keyword research and other tools to search for controversies.
Furthermore, social media sites can also help you to find out something trendy. You only need to go for little research and then design your content according to that controversy and it’ll work for sure. So, start hitting controversies.

#4. Write in Talkative Manner

You might have seen many pro bloggers and writers who write their content as if they are talking to us. It is actually a trick which almost every professional writer applies. This can help you to make your content attractive for sure.
When you write your content in conversational or talkative manner then it makes your reader comfortable and the reader get connected with your content. So, start applying this tip and see the change.

#5. Proofread Content and Avoid Errors

Errors are really annoying, especially when your reader experience them while reading your content. Many newbies directly publish their article after finishing it up they don’t go for proofreading and that is the point where they are going wrong.
Everybody makes mistake while writing their content in first go, so, you must proofread your content before making it live for your readers so that you readers may not experience any kind of errors in their reading. I know that proofreading can be time consuming.
But, you don’t need to worry about it now as there are many proofreading services which are working for you and I have listed two of them below. You may choose best professional proofreading service of your choice.

#6. Add Attractive and Related Images and Visuals

The garnishing of images is adding some attractive yet related images or visuals to your content. Content looks dull without images no matter how good you have written; if there is no image or visual graphics with it, it looks incomplete.
So, always add some quality, attractive images or visuals in your content but remember don’t overdo it. If you’ll add too many images then it’ll hide the real beauty of your content, make it moderate and use only relevant visuals to make it look attractive not to speak.


So, these were some tips from my side, I am sure that you are going to get your solution from these. If you have any questions to ask related to this guide then lend them in comment box. I shall get back to your questions as soon as possible.
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Friday, 31 July 2015

How to turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook

Are you also experiencing that video Autoplay on your Facebook account? And I know it must annoying you as well as we don’t want see every video on our wall, so why to play all? Therefore, I am sharing a guide with you today which is going to help you to turn off auto playing of videos on your Facebook account.

Couple of days ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook wall and I saw that whenever I scroll down and there is any video then it get automatically played and when I scroll again then it get stopped; that thing really annoyed me. So, I started looking for a solution and ultimately I found and today sharing that solution with you guys too.

Turn off Video Autoplay on Facebook

So, here are the steps which you need to follow in order to turn off video autoplay on your Facebook account. I know that you must be eager to know about the solution of this; therefore, without taking your time, I would request you to get towards the below piece of writing.
  • First of all, Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Now, click on downward facing arrow and then Click on Settings (Downward facing arrow is the arrow from where you log-out your account).
  • Now you will have different sort of options: you need to click on Videos from sidebar.
  • Afterwards, you will have option named “Auto-Play Videos ” You need to Click on On button from there and change it to Off.
  • Ones you are done then it will stop auto playing on your account.


This was our simple tutorial for you guys, I am sure that you all must have stopped this video autoplay problem. If you have any questions left related to this article then lend your queries in the comment box. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How to Mark New Received Message as Unread on Whatsapp

Are you also the one who was waiting for some of the new tips of Whatsapp? If so, then today I am going to share an amazing yet new trick of Whatsapp which is going to put you on the safe side socially and relationally. Since, this trick is going to tell you that how you can mark new received messages as unread on Whatsapp.

Yes, you read it right as now Whatsapp let you mark new received messages as unread and it is an official update of Whatsapp and I am going to tell you that how can do it.
This trick is based on Whatsapp “Mark as Unread” feature which they have recently introduced. Furthermore, it will change the chat status of the message as well. As you all know that whenever any message is read then it will turn the ticks blue so by applying this trick those message delivered ticks will remain unchanged and it will not turn blue.

Mark New Received Message as Unread on Whatsapp

So, here are the steps which you are supposed to follow. Once you have applied the steps then you can change the status of that received message to unread and can set the notification which will remind you of that message later.
  • First of all, Open Whatsapp on your Phone.
  • Now, you need to wait to receive any new message on your Whatsapp or look for any conversation whose new messages you want to unread. Ones you got that conversation then long tap on that conversation.
  • After that you will have different sort of options. You need to tap on Mark as Unread.
  • Then it will mark the new received message as unread. Then you will have green light (Visual Signal) stick with that conversation which will remind you to respond the person later. This was as simple as you read it.


So, this was the new trick which we have dig out for you. I am sure you must have loved the feature. If you have any question left related to this then lend your queries in the comment box. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.
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